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Lech Walesa
Liberates Globeville

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broken gate - collage
Released: August 19, 2008 Legal Notes

Globeville was established on ranch land purchased by the Globe Smelter Company. Slavic workers are known to have been settled there by 1885. Their narrow frame houses, with steep roofs that form the walls of small second-floor rooms, still abound.
Other smelters and packing houses were also located nearby, and these attracted more workers to Globeville, which was within walking distance. By 1910 much of the present community had taken shape and had been annexed by Denver to the South.

. Photographs of the streets and events in Globeville, Denver's old neighborhood
Lech Walesa attending the Sunday Mass at the Saint Joseph's
Corpus Christi Procession
Zapis Pamięci Synestetycznej