Lech Walesa
Liberates Globeville

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library book in red canvas cover
All quotes accompanying the LWLG series of photographs are coming from the hard cover volume Globeville Neighborhood Improvement Program Vol#2 Appendix of Related Materials (undated, ca 1972, unnumbered pages). In the Summer of 2005 the book had been available at the Auraria Library in Denver, catalogue number HT177.D4 G56 1972 v.2

Photocopy of the article by Daniel F. Doeppers The Globeville Neighborhood in Denver is included as appendix into the volume. Originally published in Geography Review, 1967, Vol.57, No.4

Archives of the local papers provide long records of the struggle with soil and water contamination generated by the Globe Smelter Company.

NIP - volume described above
DFD - Daniel F. Doeppers
Young Lech Walesa photographed by Erazm Ciolek
Young Lech Wałęsa - photo by Erazm Ciołek
Consistent and dedicated web site of the photographer Erazm Ciołek at
brings hundreds of the insightful images of the people and events marking twelve increasingly confusing years in the history of Poland.
The section about Lech Wałęsa starts here:
Church of Holy Transfiguration

All three churches dominating the old part of Globeville have their representation on the 'net:

- Polski Kościół Swiętego Józefa z Woli Globalnej

- Собор Святого Преображения Господня

- Extended information about Holy Rosary is here:

Church of Holy Rosary
Where is Globeville?

The map of the Denver neighborhoods is available for download at the City's web site:

Also: into
http://maps.google.com/ enter the following phrase:
517 East 46th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80216
Polish Sain Joseph
On March 26, 2006 Lech Walesa and part of his immediate family attended the Sunday Mass at the St. Joseph's Polish Church in Denver, Colorado

Moments from the Corpus Christi Procession (Procesja Bożego Ciała) had been captured on June 18, 2006
From the perspective of nearly one hundred years, the reception of the Polish Catholic parish in Denver seems to by much more optimistic than similar communities in Milwaukee, but in general "The Polish Catholic Experience" by Raymond T. Gawronski shows how difficult and complex is building the American society. (added Sep. 1, 2011)
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