Anthony Artol Visible Enterprises, Ltd.

January 8,
at Martindale
September, 2007

Why is the public so eager to know EVERYTHING about cases of child abuse? The public leeches every perverse detail of such a story and the sensational media makes an excellent business. The most insidious of the whole subject of child pornography is the public discussion about things the speaker only has ideas about but has never seen. Each sensationalist presentation is allowed and there are no limits to it, and these presentations can be abused to achieve various objectives.
(~) Instead of spending more and more money in irrational censorship, filtering and witch-hunts for possession of child pornography, this money could be invested in programs that aim to provide a better future and, above all,a better quality of life and the necessary education for poor children and young people.

from: "An Insight Into Child Porn " at the WikiLeaks