Anthony Artol Visible Enterprises, Ltd.

October 28,
at Cloverdale
October, 2007

When we look at photograph, it is trough the eyes of the photographer, understood as occupying a masculine position, that we see. The implicit aggression of photographic act - aiming the camera, shooting the picture- is literalized when the image examines the female body. In Sherman's photographs, however, active looking is through woman's eyes, and this ambiguity makes them both seductive and confrontational.
Her mechanisms of arousal - rubbery tits, plastic pussies, assorted asses, dicks and dildos - may deceive momentarily, but finally defeat the proprietary gaze of the spectator, whose desire can only partially be satisfied by the spectacle of artificial flesh.

Jan Avgicos,
Cindy Sherman: Burning Down The House ,
Artforum, January 1993.